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Welcome to my tumblr page and I hope you enjoy your stay. Here I will upload audio clips,video clips etc involving my lyric work.


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Who do you guys think is more evil? Me or Razzy.


I believe he is the evil twin, but thats just me. > w>




Song Of The Day #79 Choose Me English version by Razzyness, Miku-Tan and Shiroko

I’m very surprised I haven’t made this my song of the day yet… I’ll admit when this first came out I fangirled and SURPRISINGLY ISN’T BECAUSE OF MIKU-TAN (kidding I don’t just fangirl over videos who have Miku-Tan’s name it) it is because my god Razzy sounds amazing in this not to mention the lyrics are amazing as well Razzy’s English lyrics never fail to amaze me and I already love the song Choose me I haven’t really seen a bad version of it yet but this is definitely the best version of the song that I’ve seen but seriously I honestly thought before watching this the girls were going to stand out more in the song vocally wise I feel so bad for saying that sorry Razzy XD  and this video proves to me of Razzy has improved singing wise soooo much not that he wasn’t already great before but I will admit he does have trouble in his videos sometimes and I can tell and I haven’t heard Razzy sound this amazing since his The Lost Memory video but that was in Japanese instead of English and its nice to see him sound awesome in English too and I think this is Razzy’s best video not that I’m saying Lynne,Lovelessxx and Do Re Mi Fa Rando weren’t good either its just that this video and the lost memory stood out to me more singing wise but everyone else in the video did an amazing job too and I love this song RAZZY WHY YOU WRITE SUCH AWESOME LYRICS AND WHY YOUR VOICE SO AMAZING? XD okay I’m done I’ll shut up


I was actually afraid of being the worst singer in the bunch. Here I am with two amazing ladies with great voices… and you have me… ahaha. I’m not the greatest singer… but I tried really hard to shine just as bright as the females. I recorded/redid my lines everyday for a month straight. And no, I don’t have many great uploads. Most of the times I get to lazy or mad at my voice to really perfect anything and just release it as is. lately I have been trying to release quality covers.. Trying! Gotta give some love to lucy for helping with lyrics too

I know the feeling… getting mad at your voice I mean I’m a singer in real life and it can get extremely frustrating especially when I record my own voice and I should’ve giving lucy credit for the lyrics too I was going to but it was late and I typed the song of the day up to fast XD and its nice that you’re as you say “trying” XD to get quality out there and Razzy you’re just as good as Mikutan and Shiroko everyone has a good or least decent voice deep down inside :) I always look forward to your next video and if not for your videos I wouldn’t have discover as many talented people as I did including you ^_^ and I love how whenever I post one of my song of the day posts that has you in it you reblog it :D

You’re just too sweet! Thanks for being a fan and continue to look for uploads :) My channel feels like a place for singers that I showcase singing my lyrics haha!
Razzy said he’s a better boyfriend to me than my boyfriend LOL

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