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Welcome to my tumblr page and I hope you enjoy your stay. Here I will upload audio clips,video clips etc involving my lyric work.


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Dearest Nipah and Razzy, I present to you a fanart. I’m sorry it’s bad.


Dearest Nipah and Razzy, I present to you a fanart. I’m sorry it’s bad.

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Over the course of summer vacation, one of my many hobbies of killing time was searching YouTube for some decent songs that may not be well-known but still has plenty of meaning to it. And I’m more than glad that I stumbled into this particular song.

Answer is considerably one of my favorite songs, discovering it on YouTube on one fateful day. You might be thinking that “Answer” is a pretty weird title, right? Well, this song is actually a sequel to another song called “Just Be Friends”, a song about two lovers who in time fell out of love, and it eventually leads to the two breaking up. The sequel song, moreover, is about letting go and moving on, but, with no hate or regret, still appreciating the times the two spent together. Besides that, it can also be interpreted in many other ways, such as a close friendship that broke apart, with the two just moving on for the better, but still taking the many memories they spent together with them and appreciating it.

Both songs are made by Dixie Flatline, and sung by a Vocaloid called Megurine Luka. A Vocaloid is a singing voice synthesizer - or to put it simply, a computer program that “sings” the lyrics and melody you type in. Answer is originally in Japanese, but, thankfully, Razzy translated the lyrics into English. Many singers then covered the song using Razzy’s translated lyrics, but Lizz’s cover is particularly my favorite. It’s also worth noting that the song makes a direct reference to its prequel song, with Lizz singing the chorus of Just Be Friends by the end of the song.

This really captivated me from the very start with its bittersweet lyrics and content, and I can pretty relate to it in some way. No, me and my girlfriend didn’t broke up, but just by listening to it brings back memories of my childhood friends. I remember back then that I would always wake up in the morning and look forward to playing with them all day. But then, my family decided to move, leaving me and my friends separated. I haven’t seen them ever since. Our friendship slowly fell apart, and I’m a little sad about it. Although I wanted to meet them again, and if possible become friends with them again, but I decided that it’s better to move on. There’s no point in always dwelling in the past. I’m happy that I got to know them. I’m happy that they’ve become part of my life. And I’m happy that I, surely, became part of theirs.

I don’t know about you guys, but this is really worth listening to.

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ryuugazaki rei in a speedo [ free! ep3 ]

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